For most people we need to PREPARE the body to receive AdvoCare’s world-class nutrition, so start here with STEP 1,  where we focus on your disgestive system to begin improving your health.  



Herbal Cleanse
Herbal Cleanse

  • Provides internal cleansing
  • Enhances nutrient absorption

Over time, toxins build up in our bodies and may contribute to weight gain, loss of nergy, and poor skin tone. Periodically, it is wise to cleanse our bodies of these toxins and start with a nutritionally clean plate.


  • Nourishes muscles
  • Supports metabolism
Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal Replacement Shakes

AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shakes provide a well-balanced, lower-calorie meal that’s high in protein, which supports weight loss by building your muscle, not your fat. You’ll receive complete nutrition in a light, delicious shake available in three great flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and berry. With each shake, you receive a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals.


Spark Energy Drink
Spark Energy Drink

  • Sharpens Mental Focus
  • Long-lasting energy

Sugar-free AdvoCare SPARK energy drink contains 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients providing a healthy, balanced and effective source of energy and mental focus.


Stages of Digestion
Stages of Digestion


Note:  If you have issues with heartburn, upset stomach, etc, you may choose to add Digestease to the products above.  Digestease is simply a great addition for intestinal health.


  • Enhances Digestion
  • Relieves occasional heartburn
Whether it’s a sign of growing older or the consequence of a less-than-perfect diet, we may suffer from occasional heartburn, acid indigestion, gas or stomach ache. When the digestion and absorption of the food and nutrients we eat is impaired, we just don’t feel as good as we could. The ingredients and digestive enzymes found in Digest-Ease supplement calm your stomach and support better digestion.


This premium formula, which includes ginger extract, helps ease occasional stomach aches, fights free radicals in the intestines, enhances digestion and nutrient absorption and improves overall gastrointestinal health.

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